The Young Sangha

About us

We are young practitioners of the Yun Hwa Meditation. We oganize practice together because we find ourselves in similar life situations and are confronted with similar challenges of life. Although we defined our age range loosely between 18 and 35 years, we welcome anyone who feels related 🙂

Social Buddhism

Contemporary Social Buddhism goes back directly to Shakyamuni Buddha and is taught by the great Dharma Master Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim. Without being hindered by cultural notions of past times, Social Buddhism conveys the depth of Buddhist teachings and knowledge while corresponding to the challenges of our modern life. Dae Poep Sa Nim’s teaching directly addresses all aspects of our 21st century life realities, teaching: how to live positive relationships; how to create an appreciative way of life that helps others; and how to live a harmonious and peaceful life in family and work.

Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim has been traveling and teaching for more than 25 years in many European countries.Teaching a pure Buddhism with direct lineage to Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), free of any specific country’s tradition and seeing the whole world as one family, Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim’s teaching is able to fit into any culture.

The Young Sangha Retreat

10th-12th of July, 2020

The day starts with gentle physical exercises, meditation and Sutra chantings. During the day we experience various practice sessions, a Dharma talk by Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim, as well as discussion groups to share thoughts and experiences about practice and teachings. Between the sessions ther will be time for individual practice such as mantra writing, or for socializing with a cup of coffee 🙂